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Chinese Traditional Music

Chinese Traditional Erhu Music Vol. 1

Lei Qiang
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Chinese Traditional Erhu Music Vol. 1

Lei Qiang


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Lei Qiang performs instrumental pieces on the erhu, a two-stringed Chinese instrument with a snakeskin resonator. The bow is made of horsehair. The erhu is at least 1000 years old.

On this recording Lei Qiang performs with the Shaanxi Provincial Song and Dance Troupe. Recorded in the People’s Republic of China and Montreal, Canada.

Track Listing

  1. Night Song
  2. Tea Harvest
  3. Spin the Cotton 
  4. Picking Red Chestnuts 
  5. The Flickering of the Candle Flame 
  6. The Ballad of Blue Flower 
  7. Moonlight Reflected on the Er-Quan Spring 
  8. Jasmine Flower (Traditional) 2:51
  9. Pick Up the Betal/The Purple Bamboo Song 
  10. Moonlit Night
  11. Liu Yang River
  12. Farewell Red Army 
  13. Boys & Flowers/Raise the Red Lantern