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Chinese Traditional Music

Chinese Traditional Yang-qin Music

Anna Guo
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Chinese Traditional Yang-qin Music

Anna Guo


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Anna Guo (Guo Min-qing), a former professor at the renowned Shanghai Conservatory of Music, has been teaching and playing the yang-qin for over 30 years. The release of her two solo albums — Collection of Yang-qin Solos (1992) and Masterpieces performed by Yang-qin Masters (1995) — established Guo as the leading yang-qin musician in China.

Track Listing

  1. Pearls Dropping onto the Jade Plate 
  2. Galloping Over the Vast Grasslands
  3. Bow Dance 
  4. The Sorrow of Lady Zhaojun
  5. The Flickering of the Candle Flame 
  6. Three-six
  7. Spring Arrives on the Qing River
  8. Festival in the Tian Mountains 
  9. New Opening
  10. The Dance of the Yi People 
  11. Harvest Celebration