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Japanese Traditional Music

Japanese Koto Music

Satomi Saeki
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Japanese Koto Music

Satomi Saeki


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Satomi Saeki performs a collection of traditional and contemporary Japanese music on the koto. Based in British Columbia, Canada the Japanese born Saeki is considered a leading koto player in North America today.

Track Listing

  1. Isuzugawa “The Holy River of Isuzu”
  2. Haru no kyoku (tegoto) “Ode to Spring”
  3. Saika “Accented Flower”
  4. London no yoru no ame “Night Rain in London”
  5. Hakumei “Angel’s Ladder”
  6. Matsuri no taiko “Festival Drums”
  7. Nagare “Stream / Flow”
  8. Chidori no kyoku “Song of the Plover”