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Chinese Traditional Music

Chinese Traditional Zheng Music

Hong Ting
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Chinese Traditional Zheng Music

Hong Ting


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Hong Ting performs 16 traditional musical pieces on the zheng, an ancient Chinese stringed instrument. This digital recording captures the soothing ethereal sound of the zheng.

Track Listing

1. Lotus Out of Water / Traditional Kejia
2. Ah-Do-Qing Ah-Si-Er / Mongolian Folk Song
3. The Fisherman’s Song at Dusk / Jin Zhuo Nan
4. Milking Song / Mongolian Folk Song
5. Flowers on the Brocade / Traditional Chaozhou
6. The Warbling Birds / Traditional Shandong
7. Song of the Flying Phoenix / Traditional Shandong
8. The Sorrow of Lady Zhaojun / Traditional Kejia
9. The Hang-Down Curtain / Traditional Cantonese
10. Autumn Moon Over Still Lake / Traditional Cantonese
11. The Wind Sways The Green Bamboos / Traditional Shandong
12. Liu Yang River / Hunan Folk Song / Zhang Yan
13. A Bit of Gold / Traditional Chaozhou
14. Winter Ducks Play on Water / Traditional Chaozhou
15. Moon Over Guan-Shan Mountain / origins unknown
16. The Flowing Springs in the Ravine / Xu Tiao-sheng