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Vietnamese Traditional Music

Vietnamese Traditional Music

Pham Duc Thanh
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Vietnamese Traditional Music

Pham Duc Thanh


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Experience the diverse traditional sounds of Vietnam as performed by multi-instrumentalist Pham Duc Thanh and singer Lieu Nguyet Lan. This digitally recorded disc contains a 24-page booklet.

Track Listing

  1. The Black Horse / Ly Ngua o
  2. Eight Measures On the Drum / Tam Nhip Trong Cheo
  3. Night Song & Waiting For A Loved One / Ho Dong Thap & Ly Chieu Chieu
  4. Season of the Golden Rice / Mua Lua Chin
  5. Rowing the Boat / Hat Cheo Thuyen
  6. Autumn Moon Serenade / Trang Thu Da Khuc
  7. Festive Drums / Trong Quan
  8. Song of Gratitude / Ngu Diem Ta
  9. The Instigating Comedian / He Moi
  10. Planting the Rice / Di Cay
  11. Imperial Court Music / Tong Quan & Dang Dan Cung
  12. Possession Chant / Hat Chau Van