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Chinese Traditional Music

Chinese Traditional Erhu Music Vol. 2

Lei Qiang
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Chinese Traditional Erhu Music Vol. 2

Lei Qiang


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Lei Qiang performs instrumental pieces on the erhu. A two-stringed violin-like instrument, with the Shaanxi provincial song and dance troupe. This collection of 19 traditional Chinese compositions captures the erhu’s expressive mystical sound.

Track Listing

  1. Muleteer
  2. Embroidered Pouch 
  3. Song from Shangdong 
  4. The Menjiang Girl
  5. The Four Seasons 
  6. Flower Drum
  7. Amazing Red Sun
  8. Lullaby
  9. The Hill Looks Like A Bottle
  10. Dating 
  11. Butterfly Lovers
  12. Picking Flowers
  13. The Faraway Place
  14. Thinking of the Past
  15. Rendezvous in the Yurt 
  16. The Faraway Voice 
  17. Cresent Moon Before Dawn
  18. Morning Star Lily
  19. Nostalgia